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1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO GOVERN-These terms and conditions represent the final and complete agreement of the parties and no terms or conditions in any way modifying or changing the provisions stated herein shall be binding upon Our Company unless made in writing and signed and approved by an officer or another authorized person at Our Company. No modification of any of these terms shall be modified by our Company'sshipment of goods following receipt of Buyers purchase orders, shipping requests or similar forms containing printed terms and conditions additional to or in conflict with the terms herein. If any term, clause or provision is declared to be held invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such declaration or holding shall not affect the validity of any other term, clause or provision herein contained.

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3. SUBSTITUTION –The company may at times without prior notifications substitute a product with alternative products in terms of kind, quality, and function. If the Buyer will not accept such a substitute, the Buyer must specifically declare that no substitution is allowed when the buyer requests a quote, if such a request for quote is made, or, if no request for quote was made, when placing an order with Our Company.

4. PRICING -Prices quoted, including any transportation charges, are valid for 10 days unless designated as firm for a specific period according to a written quote or written sales acceptance issued or verified by an officer or other authorized personnel of the Company. A price designated as firm for a specific period may be revoked by Our Company if their vocation is in writing and is mailed to the Buyer before the time a written acceptance of the price is received by Our Company. All prices and deliveries are F.O.B.shipping points. 1Zillion reserves the right to cancel orders in the event selling prices which are lower than the prices quoted are established by government regulations.

5. TRANSPORTATION -Unless or otherwise provided, determining the carrier for shipping is the discretion and based upon the best judgment of 1Zillion. In either case, Our Company shall not be liable for any delays or excessive transportation charges resulting from its selection.6. PACKING –Unless or otherwise provided, 1Zillion will comply only with its minimum packing standards for the method of transportation selected. The cost of all special packing, loading or bracing requested by Buyer will be paid for by Buyer. All cost of packing and shipment for the Buyer's special equipment shall be paid for by Buyer.

7. PAYMENT TERMS –The discount applies only to the invoiced value of the material (not to taxes or freight charges). 1Zillion reserves the right to require advance payment or satisfactory security for the goods if the financial condition of Buyer so warrants as determined by Our Company. If Buyer fails to make payment as per the terms of this agreement or any collateral agreement or fails to comply with any provisions hereof, 1Zillion may, at its option, cancel any unshipped portion of this order. The buyer is to remain liable for all unpaid accounts. Customers can cancel the order when the order delay above 15 days.

8. TAXES AND IMPORT/EXPORT LICENSES –All prices are without taxes. Taxes are paid by Buyer upon invoice from 1Zillion unless Buyer provides a valid exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authority or unless 1Zillion is forbidden by law from collection of said taxes from Buyer. Import or export licenses are to be secured by the Buyer.

9. TITLE AND RISK OF LOSS –Delivering the goods to the shipping carrier is considered as delivered to the buyer, and thereafter risk of loss or damage shall pass to Buyer. Any claim of Buyer related to damage during shipping or delivery should be made directly to the carrier. Any claims by Buyer against Our Company for shortage or damage occurring before such delivery to carrier must be made within five (5) days after receipt of the goods and accompanied by original transportation bill signed by the carrier noting that carrier received the goods from Our Company in the condition claimed. Title and right of possession to the goods sold hereunder shall remain with Our Company until all payments hereunder, including deferred payments evidenced by notes or otherwise, Interest,
carrying charges, and attorneys' fees, shall have been made in cash, and Buyer agrees to do all acts necessary to perfect and maintain such right and title in Our Company.

10. RETURN OF PRODUCTS–Any orders or goods thereof cannot be returned and any orders once approved and processed cannot be canceled unless it is approved by an internal party within the company. Cut size items and special offer orders may not be returned unless it has been determined to be provided in error by Our Company. Customers returning goods are responsible for freight charges and shall be assessed a restocking fee of $100 or 20% of the order, whichever is higher. Customers can return or change goods in 7 dayes from the purchase date.

11. FORCE MAJEURE –Our Company shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations resulting directly or indirectly from or contributed to by acts of God; acts of Buyer, civil or military authority, including wage and price controls; fires; war; riot; delays in transportation, components, labor, fuel or supplies; or other circumstances beyond Our Company's reasonable control, whether similar or dissimilar to the foregoing. If certain quantities are affected and other quantities are not, the quantities affected shall be eliminated without liability, but the agreement shall remain unaffected. Our Company may during any period of shortage due to any of said causes, allocate its supply of such raw materials among its various users thereof in any manner which we deem fair and reasonable. In no event shall Our Company be liable for special or consequential damages for any delay for any cause.

12. REASONABLE ATTORNEY'S FEES –In the event suit or other proceedings shall be brought for the recovery of the purchase price, or any unpaid balance, or the breach by Buyer of any term herein contained, Buyer, shall pay to Our Company, in addition to any damages proved by law, reasonable attorney's fees and costs of collection.

13. LIABILITY –Our Company shall not be responsible, obligated, or liable for any injury or damage resulting from an application or use of its products, either singularly or in combination with other products, arising out of acceptance of this order. Our Company shall have no liability for errors in weight or quantity delivered unless the claim is made by Buyer within five (5) days after receipt of shipment and accompanied by original transportation bill signed by the carrier noting that carrier received the goods from Our Company in the condition claimed.If such a timely claim is made by Buyer, and the claim is deemed valid by Our Company, Our Company may fulfill its responsibility by either shipping the quantity necessary to make good the deficiency or at Our Company’s option, crediting Buyer with the invoice price of the deficiency.

14. WARRANTY –All goods sold by Our Company are warranted to Buyer to be free from defects in material and workmanship and manufactured following industry standards. Therefore going warranty is non-assignable and instead of and excludes all other warranties not expressly set forth herein, whether express or implied by operation of law or otherwise including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness. No agent, employee, or representative of Our Company has any authority to bind Our Company to any representation, affirmation, or warranty concerning the goods and any such representation, affirmation, or warranty shall not be deemed to have become a part of the basis of this agreement and shall be unenforceable.Any claimed defect in material or workmanship shall be deemed waived by Buyer unless submitted to Our Company in writing within five (5) days from the date the goods are received by Buyer. Our Company shall not be liable under the foregoing warranty if any loss or damage is caused by improper application or use of the goods. Our Company disclaims all liability concerning the design of the goods and makes no warranty concerning such design. This warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, whether express, implied, or statutory, including the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness.

15. REMEDIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY –Our Company shall not be liable for incidental or consequential losses, damages, or expenses arising directly or indirectly from the sale, handling or use of the goods, or any other cause relating thereto. Our Company's liability, in any case, including for claims of breaches of warranty or negligence is exclusively limited, at Our Company's option, to the replacement of goods not complying with this agreement, the repayment of, or crediting Buyer with, an amount equal to the purchase price of such goods, or repairing or arranging for the repair of the goods. If Our Company requests the return of the goods, the goods will be redelivered to Our Company following Our Company's instructions. The remedies contained in this paragraph constitute the sole recourse of Buyer against Our Company for breach of any of Our Company's obligations, whether of warranty or otherwise.As long as Our Company makes a good faith effort to rectify any breach, the remedies provided for herein shall be deemed satisfied.

16. SELECTION –Buyer represents that the goods sold hereunder are fit for their actual or intended use and that Buyer placed no reliance on Our Company's skill or judgment in selecting suitable goods or materials or in the design of suitable goods and materials. Buyer represents that the use and installation of the goods shall be made in compliance with all applicable government requirements. Buyer will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Our Company, its successors, assigns and subsidiaries from and against all costs (including attorneys), damages and liabilities resulting from actual or alleged claims asserted or any penalties proposed or assessed Our Company for any alleged violation of any federal, state or local law, rule, regulation or standard, by reason of or in connection with any use of the goods delivered hereunder.

17. CHOICE OF LAW -This agreement including the existence, validity, interpretation, performance, breach or termination thereof or any dispute regarding non-contractual obligations arising out of or relating to it shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration administered by the UK International Arbitration Centre The law of this arbitration clause shall be UK law.

18. LANGUAGE AND CORRESPONDING TEXT–This agreement has been written in the English language and, If the event of any conflict, the different meanings or contradictory between the English-language version and any translation thereof, the English language version shall prevail

Saudi Arabia’s E-Commerce law2019 /1440h

The Law, which will be administered by the Ministry of Commerce & Investment (‘MOCI’), comes into effect in late October 2019, 90 days following its publication Officially. Associated Regulations are expected to follow shortly thereafter. Where the Law and its Regulations make no special provision, the Electronic Transactions Law and other laws and regulations will be relevant.The Law applies to e-commerce service providers, being merchants/traders registered in the Saudi Commercial Register, as well as other e-commerce practitioners(both in the Kingdom and elsewhere), who are not registered in the Saudi Commercial Register. Specifically, e-commerce practitioners who are located outside the Kingdom, but who offer goods and services to customers based in the Kingdom, are subject to the Law.The Law focuses on customer-protection related considerations. Pursuant to the Law, consumers can be natural persons or corporate entities, so the Law should be understood as applying to ‘customers’ in both B2C and B2B e-commerce transactions.
Minimum DetailsThe Law anticipates that the Regulations will set out specific information on the details that e-stores must display to customers. (An e-store is not necessarily a platform through which a transaction can be concluded; the term extends to platforms that offer or advertise goods and services). At a minimum, an e-store must display the name and address of the e-commerce service provider, and, if applicable, its Commercial Registration number. Thee-store must also display means of contacting the e-commerce service provider, such as an email address and a contact number. The Law requires e-commerce service providers to provide customers with clear contractual terms and conditions. At a minimum, and subject to any further details required to be specified pursuant to the Regulations, the following must be addressed:

● Information on the e-commerce service provider(presumably including the name and address of the e-commerce service provider, and, if applicable, its CommercialRegistration number

● Basic characteristics of the subject goods or services, and information on any warranties

● Total price, including all fees, taxes or additional amounts relating to the delivery, if any

● The procedure by which the contract will be concluded, as well as information on payment and delivery/performance

● Customers can edit the order within 24 hours

● The shop should inform the customers about the delivery delay 


Where an e-commerce service provider practices a regulated activity/profession, the service provider is required to provide further information, including the identity of the relevant regulator, and details of its license/permit under that regulator.E-commerce service providers are required to submit to the customer an invoice showing the itemized cost of the purchase of the goods/services, fees, taxes, additional costs related to delivery (if any), and the total cost. The invoice should also show the date and time of delivery, and any other details that may be required (e.g. to comply with tax law or regulations). Further details may also be required pursuant to the Regulations.


The Law provides that digital advertising by e-commerce service providers will constitute supplementary contractual terms that are binding on the parties. It will be interesting to see what this means in practice. The Law contemplates certain minimum requirements for digital advertising by e-commerce service providers. At a minimum, and subject to any further details required to be specified pursuant to the Regulations, the following must be addressed:

● Information on the e-commerce service provider (presumably including the name and address of the e-commerce service provider, and, if applicable, its Commercial Registration number)
● Name of the subject goods or services; and

● Means of contacting the e-commerce service provider

Where an e-commerce provider fails to include such information in a digital advertisement, and MOCI directs the e-commerce service provider to reflect such information, then –without prejudice to other penalties that may be applied, this request must be addressed within one day of such notification.

Digital advertising by e-commerce service providers cannot include misleading or deceptive statements or statements that may mislead or deceive customers. It is not permitted to use third party trademarks without authorization of the trademark owner. (Both these restrictions are obvious, and can also be found in other laws.)If MOCI directs an e-commerce service provider to amend or remove such content, and without prejudice to other penalties that may be applied, this must be addressed within one day of such notification.

The Law contemplates the Regulations specifying a period in which customers will be entitled to correct any errors that may have occurred in the course of an electronic transaction.

Customers will have typical rights to terminate contracts in an e-commerce transaction, such as where the goods are faulty, etc. Additionally, there are two general scenarios in which customers have a right to terminate a contract concluded with an e-commerce service provider.

These can be understood broadly as a ‘cooling-off period’right to terminate ‘without a cause’; and a right to terminate in the event of a delay in delivery of the goods or services. The ‘cooling-off period’ right to terminate provides customers with a right to terminate within seven (7) days from the date the subject goods are delivered, or the date of contracting to provide the subject service. This right to terminate is without prejudice to any statutory or contractual warranties and is subject to the customer not having used the goods or benefitted from the services. There are certain circumstances in which a “Customer” cannot avail themselves of this right to terminate.

These include:

● Where the transaction relates to goods subject to the customers own specifications (except where there is a defect or non-conformity with such specifications);

● The transaction relates to physical media (e.g. videotapes, disks, CDs) that the customer has used

● The transaction relates to newspapers, magazines, publications, and books

● The transaction relates to services for accommodation, transportation or catering

● The goods the subject of the transaction are damaged as a result of the customer’s own acts or inaction

● The transaction relates to the purchase of software online (except where there is a defect or non-conformity in the software that affects its ability to be downloaded)

The right to terminate in the event of delayed delivery of goods or services can be understood as a right to terminate the contract if delivery or performance is delayed by more than fifteen days from the agreed date for such performance or delivery. This right does not apply in cases of failure to deliver in time due to ‘force majeure’ (which is not defined), or where the parties have subsequently agreed on a different delivery timeline. The Law also requires e-commerce service providers to notify customers of anticipated delays or difficulties that may affect delivery or performance.

Personal Data Protection in an E-Commerce Context

Each e-commerce service provider is required to take necessary actions and measures to protect customers’ personal data and electronic communications in its control, including in the control of its agents/Processors.

Subject to other legal requirements, e-commerce service providers can only retain such personal data and electronic communications for such period as is required given the nature of the transaction, or such other period as the parties may agree.E-commerce service providers may only use such personal data and electronic communications for authorized/Permitted purposes. The consent of the customer, or some other legal basis, is required in order for the e-commerce service provider to disclose such personal data or communications to any third party.

Enforcement and Penalties

The Law permits MOCI to block access to an e-store in the event of a violation of the Law or Regulations and to refer the matter to a committee that will be established under the Law to consider violations and impose penalties. The Law specifies timeframes in which MOCI and the Committee are required to take action, including (as applicable) issuing decisions on the alleged violation. Besides blocking access to the e-store, in whole or in part, either temporarily or permanently, the following penalties are available, without prejudice to any more severe penalties specified in any other law:

● A warning;

● Publication of the details of the violation in an appropriate local newspaper at the violator’s expense;

● Temporary or permanent suspension of the violator’s Commercial Registration; and

● A fine of not more than SAR1,000,000 (about USD 270,000).When considering the appropriate penalty, the Committee will consider the seriousness of the violation (including any damage to others), whether the violation is a recurrence and the size of the violator’s enterprise.

The Law provides a right of appeal to the administrative court.OtherThe Law goes into some detail setting out information on the deemed domicile of the various types of e-commerce service providers, although it does not include any information on the impact of the respective domicile on transactions that are subject to the law. There is mention of MOCI being responsible for overseeing the e-commerce sector, and issuing further regulations to enhance e-commerce in Saudi Arabia and protect the integrity of e-commerce transactions. In this context, there is a specific reference to entities responsible for licensing e-stores, and platforms that act as intermediaries between e-commerce service providers and the customers. It is unclear what MOCI has in mind in this regard.


The Law provides greater clarity for e-commerce service providers. Its application to both locally licensed e-commerce service providers and Saudi-based individuals acting as e-commerce service providers, as well as foreign e-commerce service providers selling into Saudi Arabia, is significant.